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Platform Engineering

We offer:

  • Assessing your current workloads and developing a cloud-native roadmap to take advantage of self-managed and managed Kubernetes services like EKS and AKS.

  • Help design, develop, and deploy your first Kubernetes cluster.

  • Help integrate industry-leading supporting services such as Istio, ArgoCD, Prometheus, etc. for automated provisioning, monitoring, service mesh, security hardening, and cost management.

  • Site reliability engineering to identify anomalies and fix any issues before they impact performance.

  • Personalized training to familiarize your teams with cloud-native technologies.

  • Support for the use of open source tools

  • Guidance and documentation for cluster deployment and maintenance to support your ongoing modernization efforts

Technologies and methodologies

  • Kubernetes
  • Apache Kafka
  • CI/CD
  • DevSecOps
  • GitOps