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stands for Kubernetes Spectrum.
Our mission is to enable organizations to archievce seamless digital transformation and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.



The starting point is an assessment of your current infrastructure:

  • Business and IT goals
  • Evaluation of current infrastructure
  • identification of resource gaps


Cooperative development of a High-level design:

  • Utilization of best practices
  • Involvement of all stakeholders
  • Development and documentation of a high-level design


Collaborative technical implementation of the architecture design:

  • Consideration of hardware and network requirements
  • Configuration of products and processes
  • Testing (registration, patching, etc.)
  • Backups
  • Active knowledge transfer


Avoiding risks from suboptimal configuration:

  • review of systems and processes (Health Checks)
  • Minimization of downtime through proactive maintenance
  • Active knowledge transfer


We leverage open-source software from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the Apache Foundation, and major distributors such as SUSE and Confluent.

Methods: Open Source Development | Software Engineering | DevOps | DevSecOps | SCRUM | Cloud Native Architectures | Hybrid Architectures | Kappa Architectures

Provider: CNCF | Apache | SUSE | Rancher | OpenShift | Confluent | Imply | Pure | Storage | Google Cloud Platform | AWS | Microsoft Azure

Software: Kubernetes | Docker | Prometheus | Grafana | Istio | Rancher | Github | Apache Druid | Apache Kafka | Click House | S3 Storage